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Residential Roofing Construction & Repair


Concord Roofing has all the specialized skills and tools needed for everything from a new roof installation and full remodel to roof replacement and roof repair.

We offer a huge selection of products to meet all your residential roofing needs:


  • Metal roofing

  • Spanish tile

  • Slate tile

  • Composition roofing

  • Wood Shake/Shingles

  • Radiant barrier

  • Contemporary flat roofs

  • High-pitched roofs

  • Skylights

  • 24 hour emergency response

Commercial Roof Installation & Repair


​We have the experience and the tools to successfully complete every facet of roofing construction related to any office building, industrial site, retail location or other type of commercial roof project.


  • Slate and tile roof (and simulated slate and tile)

  • Thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) roof

  • Shingle and composite

  • Roofsstone coated steel roofing

  • standing seam roofs

  • copper roofing

  • metal roofing

  • flat roofing

  • sloped roofing

  • single-ply roofing applications

  • roof deck paver systems

  • commercial roof maintenance

  • roof inspection and assessment

  • roof rejuvenation, repair and restoration

  • primer and painting services

  • washing and cleaning (including power washing)

  • tapered insulation systems

  • expansion joint repair/resolution

  • coping, wall panels, flashing

  • 24 hour emergency response

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